About me


     I'm a sixteen year-old girl born in France, currently living in the center of Portugal.
     I draw since I was a child and it was my dream to study arts. I used to draw specially landscapes and geometrical figures and I only did a portrait once, at school, of myself to a class.
     I just started doing portraits less than one year ago but I guess I've been improving a lot. I really believe that practise makes perfection and if you work a lot, you'll improve your skills so, I'm always learning and I never think that a portrait is perfect because there's always something that could be better so feel free to comment my work and give me your opinion of how to make it better!
     I'm a self-taugh artist and I never took drawing lessons. I'm hardworking so it's very usual to find me in front of the computer, surrounded by many supplies, drawing without taking a break. I'm always listening to music when drawing, it inspires me.
     I started drawing because of my favourite band, Tokio Hotel. I was in the classroom, very bored when I picked up a picture of the Kaulitz twins and started drawing it. Looking back, I think that thumbnail drawing looks horrible. But, that day, I felt pretty happy with the result and I started drawing more and more.  Nowadays, when I'm staring at that drawings, I feel nostalgic. I notice how much my drawing technique has changed and I just wish that I'll continue doing portraits because it is something that makes me very happy.
     I dream that someday, I'll meet Tokio Hotel and I'll be able to tell them how much they inspire me everyday, to give them one of my portraits or ask them to sign it for me. Maybe some of you don't like them, maybe you don't understand why I'm their fan. But I'm not wasting my time to explain it, because I know that you wouldn't understand. Anyway, if you guys ever read this, just know you are very important to me, you make my world magical. And that I won't give up of my dreams 'cause I know that they can come true.
     For you that are reading this, if you wanna help me with this dream, let me tell you the best thing you have to do for me it's to spread my work. Show it to your friends, talk about it on your blog or forum (and let me know about it)...

     I'll be here, waiting for this dream to come true. As I usually say, Keep drawing, Keep dreaming...someday, somehow, my dreams will come true.
     Hugs and kisses,