My first interview!

02/02/2009 20:27

Finally, here's my very first interview!


I gave it to the portuguese Street Team of Tokio Hotel, if you understand portuguese, please go here and watch it.

If you don't, just watch the video here and read the translation I wrote down.

If you are a portuguese fan of Tokio Hotel, don't forget you can also join the Scream Box and watch the next episodes.

Thank you so much to the admins of the ST!




"The Street Team Tokio Hotel Portugal... proudly presents... SCREAM BOX."


Interviewer: Hi! Welcome to the first edition of the Scream Box. Today we are going to interview Ester, she is our proeminent artist in the FanArt area.

Hey Ester!


Me: Hi!


Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself a little bit better so the fans can know you better?


Me: I am Ester, I'm sixteen years-old and I live in Ansião, which is in the region of Coimbra.


Interviewer: Have you always been drawing or did you start recently?


Me: I have always been drawing, since I was a child but I never tought I had talent. I used to draw specially landscapes and objects but never people.


Interviewer: But you already had Art classes, right? Even because your drawings are really amazing.


Me: I never had Art classes even that I would like to. I started drawing in May 2008, when, in a very boring class, I took an image of the twins Kaulitz, I picked up a pencil and I started drawing. I remember that it was a photomanipulation, where Tom had his head lying on Bill's shoulder.


Interviewer: And do you still have that drawing? What do you think about it now?


Me: I still have that drawing, but when I look at it, I think it is horrible and I don't understand how I could think that it was well done but the truth is that I tought that and I have been drawing more and more since then.

I started by doing very simple drawings, just lines and I was improving until, I think that in September or October 2008, I started noticingg my drawing had an own style, that it was possible to see that all those drawings have been made by the same person, just as my own and unique sign.

That was the time when I decided to spread more my work. As I am at the 11th grade, at Languages and Humanities, since I want to study Languages in the future, I don't have very much time to draw but I always try to draw something like two hours a day, even that I just do a simple sketch, just to practise.


Interviewer: What do Tokio Hotel mean to you?


Me: Tokio Hotel gave me the need to draw and changed a lot of things in my life. I think they are great artists and I admire them as people because I think they have very unique personalities. It is their music I listen in the good and bad times and they were at my side in a few phases and moments of my life.


Interviewer: What is your favourite song?


Me: I do not have a specific favourite song, I could mentioned four our five but I think I can say it is Beichte, because it is the first I remember to listen from Tokio Hotel.


Interviewer: What is your favourite member from the band?


Me: My favourite member from the band is Bill. I like them all in the same way but I think Bill is the one I identify myself more with.


Interviewer: I want to thank for your participation by all the team of the Street Team Tokio Hotel Portugal.