Keep Drawing Keep Dreaming Project


First of all, thank you all for the support you've been giving me since I put my works here! Sometimes you might think your comment is just one among many but all the comments are very important to me, you give me strength to continue!
Now, I'm going straight to what made me write here.
As some of you migh know, I have the dream to be next to Tokio Hotel. And when I say "next to", I don't mean to be in the first row of a concert (because I already was) but something like a meet&greet, to be able to talk with them, to have them signing one of my works, and, the most important, to give them one of my works, to make them know I'm here to support them, that I spend my free time drawing them, creating dreams and phantasies with a pencil.
And, as I know dreams don't come true if we are waiting for it, I decided to act. I created my own project, that will take me all my free time and even the time I don't have. I took some time to think what to do but I finally decided. My project will be a drawing with 1x5 metres size (sorry, but I don't know it in inches), something like a "collage" of pictures of Tokio Hotel. the purpose? to get to them, to give them the drawing in person! yes, you read well the size and, if you've been watching my work, you know the time I take to do a small thing, imagine the time I'm going to waste on this. As I said, it will take ALL my time.
But I decided to make this more interesting: I'm going to "report" you my work, put some WIP's, photos of how it's going (and maybe videos), so you can see the evolution and I can receive some feedback to be able to continue!
I need your help to chose the pictures I'm going to use as reference.
So, I'm going to put some pictures of them and I need you to vote on the ones you like the most. I'm not going to put a limit of pictures you can vote on but please try to not vote in all of them or it will be the same.
Thanks in advance for your collaboration! See you soon, Ester.

P.S. - Send me your votes to .


EDIT: The votation has ended. Thank you all for your votes!